1977 my love for the giant schnauzer began. I was allowed to take the two giant schnauzer girls of family friends for walks and quickly knew that I wanted to have dogs like this, too.


1984 the wish finally came true with Karla vom Heimeshof. Karla was unfortunately run over by a drunk driver at the age of 11 months and a few months later, 6 month old Molly vom Heimeshof came to us.


1987 we got our first giant schnauzer bitch with floppy ears: Maxi.


1992, I emigrated to the USA and didn't have the opportunity to keep a dog for a long time.


2005, however, the time had come and Worf (Ferenginar vom Hedberg) was flown in from Germany.


2009,  Jazzy (Jadzia-Judy vom Hedberg) joined Worf.


2012 my own breeding, under the kennel name 'Ferenginar's Riesenschnauzer', started with Jazzy's litter. After my divorce, however, I gave up this kennel name.


2013 I was lucky and found a house with a huge property.  Now I could start to actively work with Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue.


2016 it continued with Ana's (Ferenginar's Anastasia) litter under the kennel name 'Riesenschnauzer vom Haus Lavon'.


2017 I made the decision to move back to Germany.


2018 my kennel was approved by the PSK and I applied for the kennel name 'von Haus Lavon' with the FCI. However, I had to change the kennel name again, because the FCI did not allow me to continue under the kennel name 'vom Haus Lavon'. So I changed it to 'Riesenschnauzer vom Lake Lavon' and the breeding continues under the PSK.


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