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'vom See Lavon'

My love for Giant Schnauzers began in 1977 with the Giant Schnauzer girls Nicky and Diana, owned by Klaus Höller.  1984 the first Giant Schnauzer girl, Karla vom Heimeshof, came into the family.  Unfortunately, Karla was run over by a car when she was 11 months old.  1985 Molly vom Heimeshof joined the family.  2 years later Maxi came into the family.  In 1992, I moved to the USA and had no opportunity to have a Giant Schnauzer for several years. The love for the Giant Schnauzer remained, however.


Ferenginar vom Hedberg arrived 2005 and Jadzia-Judy vom Hedberg 2009.  2012 I started my own breeding program.  Wolfie is from my first litter, registered under the name 'Ferenginar's Giant Schnauzers'.  The second litter was with Wolfie's sister Ana in 2016, under the name 'Riesenschnauzer vom Haus Lavon'.  At the end of 2016, Voyager's Wendy Williams joined the family.


I moved back to Germany in July 2017, after living in the USA for 26 years, with Wolfie, Ana, Anton, Wendy and Felix.  Anton moved to my parents, where he also had his own giant schnauzer girlfriend Sara. Anton unfortunately died 2020 after a bout with spleen and liver cancer.  Ana moved in with friends after a while when it became clear that she did not want to be part of a canine pack anymore. 

With Voyager's Wendy Williams, the breeding program continued 2020 under the FCI protected kennel name 'Riesenschnauzer vom See Lavon'.  The first litter was born in March 2020.


My goal is to breed sporty family dogs that meet PSK / FCI standards in appearance, temperament and ability to work.


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