Ferenginar's Riesenschnauzer A-Wurf  08.04.2012 - Ostersonntag

Unter dem Zwingernamen "Ferenginar's Riesenschnauzer"

Die Eltern:


Jadzia-Judy vom Hedberg

geboren:  21.11.2008

gestorben: 09.06.2014 

(Kareem vom Mephistopheles 

Unique vom Schwarzen Eck)


HD: B1

IABCA Intern. Champion


Ferenginar vom Hedberg

geboren:  13.07.2005

 gestorben:  30.01.2013

(Baiko vom Hatzbachtal

Elaine vom Hedberg)


HD:  B2

IABCA Intern. Champion

Die Welpen (2 Hündinnen, 7 Rüden):




Ferenginar's Amadeus



lebt in der Eifel, Deutschland



Ferenginar's Armin



leider ist Armin durch eine Vergiftung im Dezember 2015 in Oklahoma, USA verstorben.




Ferenginar's Ambrose



der in New York, USA lebt




Ferenginar's Atlantis



der in Virginia, USA lebt










Ferenginar's Asa Gabriel Raphael



der in North Carolina, USA lebt






Ferenginar's Anabelle



die in New Jersey, USA lebt




Ferenginar's Alexander



der in West Virginia, USA lebt








Ferenginar's Anastasia



die in Essen, Deutschland lebt




Ferenginar's Anton


der in der Lüneburger Heide, Deutschland lebt

Was sagen die Welpenkäufer:

We are the parents of Armin, he is from Britta's first litter.  After owning several GS, It is our opinion, Britta breeds her pups as a true working dogs that they are. Armin is VERY PROTECTIVE. With that said, he is very loyal, obedient, and loving. He did require significant daily, hands on training. He is very driven to please, but he can also be very headstrong. If you are looking at these pups as a first time GS owner, and do not have extensive training experience, this hard working, driven pedigree might not be for you. If you have had or trained a working dog ( GS ), one of Britta's pups will be the best working dog you will ever have. Having had several GS over the years, including a very large ( 140 lbs. ) and extremely strong boy, if the Sh*t ever hit the fan, I would want Britta's pup Armin standing next to me!

                                                                                                        --  Lee and Wendy L., New York

We are very fortunate to have a healthy and beautiful Hannah from the Easter Sunday 2012 litter.  She is smart, playful and a joy to all those who meet her.  She is very gentle and loves to play with all the children in the neighborhood.  She clearly comes from a strong, pure lineage.” 

                                                                                                                  --  Michael G., New Jersey

As the proud owner of one of the ‘A’ litter I have shown him in a badly trimmed coat and he still scored very well in a WRSF conformation test.  My boy is very smart but also very loving and loyal.  He learns new things quickly and is able to figure things out when challenged.  I would say that a first time owner would not be able to handle him unless they were very dedicated to training and being consistent with it.  I cant say enough good about him and when we look for another Giant this is where we will get him.  As a side note I have met all the dogs in the ‘A’ litter some even spent time with us.  They are all even tempered, confident dogs.


                                                                                              --   Lloyd and Vicci N, North Carolina